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Thinking Hand Video

Thinking Hand Video is a small independent award-winning production company established by furniture designer maker Jeremy Broun in 1988 in his desire to communicate the wealth of ideas in his chosen field and to a broader audience.

Media includes video downloads, DVDs and video integrated visually rich ebooks.

The range of programmes and publicatons cover both instructional and documentary style 

Furniture Today is a unique project that began as a lecture by Jeremy Broun at Bath University in 2002. 

He has captured on the film the world leading work of British designer makers since the 1970’s British Furniture Craft Revival and against a historical  backcloth dating back to The Magna Carta.

Thinking Hand Video has received support  from The Crafts Council of Great Britain and Hitachi Power Tools UK and also offers a service for short promotional videos.

From time to time Jeremy offers valuable work experience to young people hoping to enter the media industry. One such sixth form student went on to gain a job as a researcher at the BBC.

For the full a range of instructional and educational videos and video integrate ebooks it is recommended you use a computer to fully appreciate the functionality of these unique programmes  please visit the Woodomain Mediastore.

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