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Gallery  some of these items are owned by clients/collectors and others are for sale.

Version 2 of the Zigzag Table with its unique centre joint

Zigzag Table

One of over 300 high backed rocking chairs sold by Jeremy Broun, this one for a Royal family viewing

The chair King Charles sat on

Designed in 1997 for a laptop computer before they became popular.

Starwars Computer Desk

Made from an ash tree given to Jeremy Broun by Kew Gardens from The Great Storm of 1987

The Great Storm Table

Veneered black/natural ash with buhr elm

Desk/ cabinet

Standing 53" tall and utilising Jeremy Broun's unique routkerf joint to bend the two 'planks'

Plank Clock

adzed dish made with router pendulum jig invented by Jeremy Broun in 1989

Adzed dish

Originally designed in 1984 in grey stained birch plywood with red lacquered ash slats and rubber fe

Caterpillar Rocker

Made from Cedar of Lebanon

Millstone Table

Made of Brazilian pine plywood with rubber strips on feet4a

New Caterpillar Rocker

ball and pdestal desk clock made from sugar pine

Universal Clock

Winning the 2005Professional Woodworker of the year award this video kiosk was 5 years ahead of the

Touchscreen digital jukebox

Designed by Jeremy Broun in 1981 made of ash

Easy Rocker

contour box white

Contour Trinket Box

Desk clock made while in Australia from Huon pine

Desk Clock

Made from bricked sections of ash with router 'adzed' surface

Brick Rocker

Made in 1989 as a project for 'The Incredible Router' book


The original 1978 Zigzag table made of Dutch elm

Zigzag Table original

The corner of a plywood jewelry box 1981

Plywood jewelry box

Made of Brazilian pine plywood with rubber slat feet 2018

New Caterpillar Rocker

Made from flitch cut English oak the design utilises the car leaf spring principle for the rocking m

Tilt Rocker

Using the same amount of wood as the shfredded weekend supplement of a broadsheet newspaper

Mantel clock

A mantelpiece or wall clock in solid elm designed in 1979 and a decade before IKEA came to the UK

Slab Clock

Using he unique routkerf joint rthe wood is bent with steam from a domestic kettle

Continuous Plank Stool

Very simple construction, pack flat

Three legged stool

Cobra Lamp


Nest of Tables


A corner table and seating unit commissioned by a London MPting unit for an apartment

Pimlico Diner

Log Table

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