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Raffo Belva kitcar project

The Raffo Belva (Beautiful Beast) is a rare kitcar designed by the late John Raffo. Jeremy Broun owned the prototype car for a short period and currently owns car no 7 which he has been rebuilding and improving since 2009.  This is an ongoing lifetime project (!) and is documented in this online PDF emanual with frequent updates. You can follow the You Tube videos of the re-build and re-design in the emanual and separately below. 

Raffo Belva cover.jpg
My latest projects

Tribute to John Raffo the creator of the Raffo Belva of which about seven were built

A short history of my cars 

 The Rebuild starts 

Ripping apart  this car, probably Raffo Belva no 7 was poorly put together by its owner - faulty engine mountings, amateur wiring etc. This video shows the separating of the rear body section to allow proper access for subsequent work and maintenance.  

XXXR     Abc

The electrics     Abc

Drive shafts and engine mountings     


XXXR     Abc

Almost back on the road     Abc

Headlamps re-styling     Abc

Dashboard re-design     Abc

Back on the road    aaaa

Digital dash   Abc

Steering wheel    Abc

XXXR     Abc

The prejudiced MOT tester     Abc

Engine over run problem     Abc

A tribute to Neil Anthony    Neil helped with the car in 2023, being a neighbour near the garage. He solved a major problem and completed various tasks. A terribly sad loss of a really good guy. 

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