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Jeremy Broun is a British designer woodworker, teacher, author, film maker and musician Organiser and one of the Judges for The Alan Peters Furniture Award 2022
‘Jeremy Broun delights in the craft of designing and making.For the user the relationship is in the sharing of this focus  and Jeremy’s energetic drive to combine tradition with innovation’. John Makepeace OBE 2002 The craftsmanship aspect, although highly satisfying in itself is actually the easy bit. The real buzz for me and the most challenging, is creating ideas in wood that say something new - a piece of furniture should have a raison d’etre’. Jeremy Broun FRSA 2015
After a short craft teaching career culminating at Millfield School, Jeremy Broun set up a small workshop in Bath in 1973 creating his own unique style of furniture.  He has exhibited at major British shows and also in the USA and Finland.  See what the critics say. He has lectured extensively in the UK and abroad including Rycotewood college, the Letterfrack Furniture School and in Finland.  Jeremy is a published author, a film maker with an active YouTube channel and a musician  (guitarist). Occasionally he offers flexible work experience opportunities. He has won several national awards across his unusually varied skillbase and he is organizer and a judge for The Alan Peters Furniture Award.
Having something made especially for you involves a close rapport between maker and client. Jeremy Broun creates made to order standard designs such as his famous high backed rocking chair (designed in 1973), Variations of standards or one off designs are priced accordingly. What clients are investing in is furniture to live with and also hopefully to hand down.
One of five oak benches designed and made for the Roman Baths in Bath in 1980


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A small display window on the main A4 London Road  by the pedestrian crossing after Morrisons on the way towards Bath City centre.
Jeremy Broun is organizer and a judge for an annual award that celebrates the legacy of one of Britain’s greatest furniture designer  makers.
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Contact Jeremy Broun t: 44 01225 332738 m: 07963 591650 e: jezbroun@gmail.com
Jeremy Broun has been invited to write woodworking books by major publishers since 1989. Since 2019 he has been publishing his own range of hardback books that link to extra online video content
‘Hello Jeremy, Books have arrived, everything is ok. Thank you very much. Your wood art, if I can call it that way, is very inspirational for me. I need to learn a lot as a junior woodworker and your work clearly stands out above others. With great respect.’ Dmitry Kholkin, Russia (October 2021)
in 1993 Jeremy Broun was invited to write The Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques. It won The ‘Top 200 Titles’ Award* by The UK Booksellers Association and was updated in 2018. *63,000 books published in 1993 
A unique range of books, ebooks and video downloads are available at 
CONTACT e: jezbroun@gmail.com t: 01225 332738 m: 07963 591650
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Jeremy Broun is a British designer woodworker / furniture artist, writer, author, educator, film maker and musician.
Jeremy Broun is the organizer and one of the judges for this award. Click on image above to view 2021 Award Prize Giving Ceremony video
click below to purchase Jeremy Broun’s publications at his Woodomain Mediastore 
Unique online multi media teaching programmes by Jeremy Broun
Jeremy (Jez) Broun is a self-taught guitarist and performs in his home city of Bath. Click on image above to listen to sample tracks from his current album.
One of five oak benches designed and made by Jeremy Broun for the Roman Baths in Bath in 1980 Below in 2019 with Finnish friend who he taught to make a dolls house when she was seven in Mynamaki, Finland.
a desk made from the historic old stage floor timbers of The Theatre Royal designed and made by Jeremy Broun in 1985
Click on image above to see a unique range of hardback books published by Jeremy Broun and available at his WOODOMAIN MEDIASTORE
Click here to find out more about the award and download an application form. The application deadline is 31 July 2022
The Alan Peters Furniture Award  2022