Jeremy Broun designed The High Backed Rocking chair in 1973 and it soon became his trademark design, selling hundreds in the UK and a few abroad. Made from solid pine originally and then elm and ash the chair is woven with a sailing chord. One of the very first was sold for £40 in 1973 and came up in auction in 2019 for £1400. Jeremy divides his time today between woodworking, designing, developing his YouTube channel, writing books and playing (performing) on his own hand-made guitars.

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      After a short craft teaching career culminating at Millfield School, Jeremy Broun set up a small workshop in Bath creating his own unique style of furniture.  He has exhibited at major British shows also in the USA and Finland and has lectured extensively in the UK and abroad. See what the critics say about his furniture. Jeremy is a published author, a film maker with a thriving YouTube channel and a musician (guitarist). Occasionally he offers flexible work experience opportunities for young people. He has won several national awards across his unusually varied skillbase and he is currently organizer and a judge for The Alan Peters Furniture Award. .


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Innovation without traditon is stagnant



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Jeremy Broun is an award-winning woodworking author who illustrates his own books
est 1973
‘Tradition without innovation is stagnant and innovation without tradition is frivolous’ Jeremy Broun 1985 Jeremy Broun is an award-winning innovative woodworker, author and film maker.

Innovation without traditon is stagnant



Bestselling pioneer routing book 1989
UK Booksellers Association ‘Top 200 titles’ Award 1993.
GMC Publications 1990
Batsford 1995
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Jeremy ‘Jez’ Broun is a self-taught guitarist playing the instruments that he makes. He has a unique style drawn from influences such as Chet Atkins, Hank Marvin, Carlos Jobim and Django Reinhardt. His unique Ecoustic guitar plays grand piano, saxophone and flute through a guitar synthesiser adding to his versatility. He performs locally mainly and has a regular slot called Jezzfusion at a central wine in Bath More info about Jez Broun guitarist click here
Jeremy Broun delights in the craft of designing and making. For the user the relationship is in the sharing of this focus  and Jeremy’s energetic drive to combine tradition with innovation’. John Makepeace OBE 2002 The craftsmanship aspect, although highly satisfying in itself is actually the easy bit. The real buzz for me and the most challenging, is creating ideas in wood that say something new - a piece of furniture should have a raison d’etre’. Jeremy Broun FRSA 2015
Having something made especially for you involves a close rapport between maker and client. Jeremy Broun creates made to order standard designs such as his famous high backed rocking chair (designed in 1973), Variations of standards or one off designs are priced accordingly. What clients are investing in is furniture to live with and also hopefully to hand down.
One of five oak benches designed and made for the Roman Baths in Bath in 1980
Jeremy Broun’s YouTube channel expresses his broad interests from woodworking to design, guitar building and playing to motorbikes and book publishing. Over 750 videos have viewings ranging from a few hundred to over 2 million.  
Watch the channel trailer above (link to YouTube) and click below below to visit Jeremy’s YouTube homepage where you will see his films are placed into various fascinating categories.  
‘Jeremy Broun has done more than any other designer maker in the past 35 years to promote this field’. This is demonstrated through his craft, his teaching, his incredibly large back catalogue of videos…. his extensive selection of written matter…..’   Nicholas Chandler (designer) 2013
Revised Edition 2018
A unique range of beautiful hard back books published by Jeremy Broun
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innovation Every piece that Jeremy designs says something new - perhaps about material, technique, structure, form and function.
Commissioning   a Jeremy Broun item It’s easier than you think and can start with a phonecall for something small such as a wooden gift to give to someone on a special occasion. With each purchase you will be supporting the British Craft Econony. Clients often regard a Jeremy Broun item as an heirloom piece.         Jeremy expects the piece to last at least as long as it took the tree           to grow and in the case of a mature ash tree - at least 150 years.
designed and made in Britain
saying something new about furniture
‘Jeremy Broun delights in the craft of designing and making… his energetic drive to combine tradition with innovation ’. John Makepeace OBE 2002
Oak benches for the Roman Baths, Bath
Scroll down to view the Alan Peters Prize Giving Award Ceremony and better still view it on a desktop computer or tablet. A smartphone is too small to appreciate the content! 
‘Jeremy Broun has done more than any other designer maker in the past 35 years to promote this field’. Nicholas Chandler (designer) 2013
The Jez Broun Ecoustic Guitar designed, made and performed on by Jeremy Broun
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