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Jeremy Broun CV

Educated at Chippenham Grammar School and Abbotsholme School  Trained as a Handicrafts & PE teacher at Shoreditch College gaining distinction on the Advanced Wood course and college colours for Gymnastics. Taught Handicraft in seconday schools for 6 year, last post at Millfield School. He was one of 12 craftsmen who set up the Dove Centre of Creativity crafts commune near Glastonbury. Set up his own workshop in Bath in 1973 making innovative furniture. Exhibited nationally and in the USA, Finland & Ireland. Taught part-time at Bristol Grammar School, Monkton Combe School, Goldsmiths college, Bristol Polytechnic, Rycotewood college, the Connemara West Centre in Letterfrack (the first visiting lecturer invited) (later The Letterfrack Furniture College), Bath Techical College, the Genesis Centre, Bath, The South West Finland Insitute of Art, Carft & Design in Turku, Invited to speak at the WOODO international Conference on the ecological use of wood and exhibit furniture at the Aboa Vetus Museum & Ars Nova Gallery. in Turku. Lecture at The Design Museum. Invited to become an inspector for The British Accredation Council

Image: At the Irish CREATE event 2006 (organized by Joseph Walsh) John Makepeace OBE,

Richard Pearce, Jeremy Broun and the late Andrew Varah.

He has exhibited and lectured extensively in the UK and also in Ireland, Finland and the USA. Over three decades his work was included in the Crafts Council Index of Selected Makers. A cabinet sold at the first auction of living makers' work at Sotheby's.

His numerous awards include a Churchill Travel Scholarship to Finland, Sweden & Italy, The Furniture Makers Company  Ambrose Heal Award and The Professional Woodworker of the Year Award. as a film maker he set up Thinking Hand Video in 1988 and has won awards and sponsorship.  

Jeremy's passion for working wood was triggered by a brilliant woodwork teacher at Abbotsholme school (Howard Orme). He made an acoustic guitar in a weekend when he was 17, working throughout the nights without sleep. Today he performs on guitars that he builds and also teaches guitar making and has written a book called Guitar Making Art.

His passion is rooted in Education and he has an extensive and varied teaching experience. In recent years Jeremy has offered informal work experience in film making, furniture design and vehicle restoration to young people. He was invited to become a freelance inspector for The British Accreditation Council which he served for a few years as required. He has a flourishing YouTube channel and online store for his unique videos, books and multimedia publications. 


Vehicle restoration
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