CABINETS & DESKS A modern design should say something new such as the Cabinet without handles (1) that sold at Sotheby’s First sale of Contemporary British Crafts in 1980. The Bath Theatre Royal desk (6) was made from the historic old stage floor timbers during renovations in 1985
CHAIRS Chairs are Jeremy’s forte, combining practicality with sculptural form. Structure is explored in the Tilt rocker (4) that uses a wooden leaf spring to achieve a rocking motion and the cantilevered chairs (5) and (6) optimise the strength of different woods (ash and elm).
TABLES Some of Jeremy’s most innovative designs include The Zigzag Table (3) with its unique centre joint. The Man & Nature Table (8) was made from an ash tree  given to him by Kew Gardens, from The Great Storm. The Pimlico Diner (7) was made from old church pews for a prominent UK politician.
CLOCKS & LIGHTING Sculputural clocks and luminaires fuse technology with our oldest sustainable natural material. The Ball and pedestal clock (1) is turned on the lathe. Low energy bulbs (2, 3 and 4) were used in Jeremy’s designs as far back as 1979 in a Philips lighting competition. 
GUITARS Jeremy made his first guitar aged 17 and has since made numerous guitars from gypsy jazz style (1) to flamenco (8). His   E-coustic guitar (4, 5 and 6) uses plywood and 400 year old walnut and combines acoustics with sophisticated electronics in a guitar he performs in public with.
OUTDOOR From building a micro catamaran (1) that fits into the back of a Smart car to a bird hide on stilts (2 and 6) Jeremy has been building outdoor structures including sunrooms since the 1970’s. He was asked to design and made oak benches for the Roman Baths in Bath (5) in 1980.  
MISCELLANEOUS From sculpted figures (2) to kitchens (4)  and small object of desire such as dishes (3 and 7) to trinket boxes (5) and picture frames, mirrors (6) and chess sets (8) Jeremy continues to express his ethos of ‘small is beautiful’, never wasting wood.