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​An online centre of excellence

  • What levels/tpes of enrolment are offered?
    Ther are two enrolment packages: a Basic package and an Advanced package.
  • How do I enrol?
    Enrolment is just a click away and a few questions to answer
  • What are the benefits of enrolling to the Academy?
    First rate learning content in the form of videos, enhanced ebooks and more from a highly qualified and experienced award-winning designer maker, teacher and woodworking author. The opportunity to Interact with Jeremy Broun (basic quota of direct emails) and interaction with other students (potentially Zoom video sessions). Acces to a vast library of Jeremy Broun's extensive YouTube videos. a 50% discount on ebooks from his online store
  • What does it cost, what do I get and for how long?
    The Basic package introductory fee is £49, The Advanced package is £69. You get access to a wide variety of reaching material and tutorial sessions for one year with a small renewable fee.
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