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​An online centre of excellence where anyone over 16 can enrol to learn how to work wood well and appropriate to the job.


Jeremy Broun's unique integrated design and make course which starts from first principles and is based on half a century of his inspirational teaching in schools & colleges. 


Access a vast library of Jeremy Broun's diverse woodworking media all in one place: ebooks, videos (instructional and documentary), articles, projects, etc.​​


One year introductory enrolment fee of just £49 with 50% discount on media from the JB Woodomain online store!


Online Zoom tutorials & student interaction and some one-to-one email/video calls.​


Carefully structured projects to help you gain confidence and essential skills quickly to enable you to work wood well, whether you are making a window box for flowers or an innovative piece of exhibition standard furniture. Jeremy is an accomplished and renowned designer. 


Special content will be added as the course progresses and will be based on your needs so please complete the feedback form below and send today and be part of an exciting new venture. 

  • What levels/tpes of enrolment are offered?
    Ther are two enrolment packages: a Basic package and an Advanced package.
  • How do I enrol?
    Enrolment is just a click away and a few questions to answer
  • What are the benefits of enrolling to the Academy?
    First rate learning content in the form of videos, enhanced ebooks and more from a highly qualified and experienced award-winning designer maker, teacher and woodworking author. The opportunity to Interact with Jeremy Broun (basic quota of direct emails) and interaction with other students (potentially Zoom video sessions). Acces to a vast library of Jeremy Broun's extensive YouTube videos. a 50% discount on ebooks from his online store
  • What does it cost, what do I get and for how long?
    The Basic package introductory fee is £49, The Advanced package is £69. You get access to a wide variety of reaching material and tutorial sessions for one year with a small renewable fee.
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