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This   is   an   outline   of   a   proposed   idea,   maybe   using   PATREON   or   going   independent   using my own shopping cart page.  Patreon example   to see how it generally works. Education   is   at   the   heart   of   everything   I   do   -   passing   on   the   good fortune    I    had    of    being    inspired    by    a    brilliant    woodwork    teacher    at school. Woodworking is my passion!    was   a   pilot   website   I   set   up   in   the   early   days   of the    Internet    and    my    intention    then    was    to    offer    online courses.   However,   other   things   including   my   Woodomain YouTube   channel   since   absorbed   my   energies   with   over   750   videos   and   15 million views to date. The   time   has   come   to   set   up   the    Jeremy   Broun   Academy   of   Wood   and   the   initial   steps are to outline what is likely to be on offer and to enrol students ready for launching in 2022. The   content   will   be   articles,   videos,   multi-media    online   e-booklets    fresh   content   and ideally exclusive to students. There will be levels of enrolment with benefits such as:  
instructional and documentary films
Tips Articles Projects Documentaries Email consultation
The   key   features   that   make   this   venture   unique   and   excellent   value   for   money   are   that   I   am   not only   a   highly   qualified   and   experienced   teacher/lecturer   (at   leading   UK   colleges   and   in   Ireland   and Finland)   but   have   an   unusually   wide   experience   across   the   spectrum   of   woodworking   crafts,   design   (problem   solving)   being   my   forte.   This,   together   with   an   understanding   of   manipulating olther   materials   (eg   metals   and   plastics)   leads   to   an   efficient   and   appropriate   methodology   that respects tradition but moves it tradition on, integrating hand and power tools.  One   course   on   offer   will   be   my   unique   integrated   Design   and   Make   in Wood    course    based    on    the    successful    Intensive    Woodwork    Weekend courses   and   36   hour   evening   class   I   used   to   run   at   my   studio.   The   cost   of this   was   a   modest   £360!   My   ‘Acoustic   Guitar   Easy   Build’   is   another   likely course. There will be content aimed at all woodworking levels. Another   feature   is   that   I   intend   inviting   a   few   leaders   in   the   field   as   guest tutors   who   will   bring   their   individual   style   and   experience   to   the Academy.   The   renowned   designer maker   and   fellow   judge   of   The Alan   Peters   Online   Furniture Award   - Andrew   Lawton   has   come   on board.   Click   below   to   watch   ‘A   Very   English   Maker’   documentary   I   made   about   Andrew   a   few years   ago.   Our   combined   woodworking   experience   comes   to   almost   a   century   but   we   are   still young at heart!   Membership   will   allow   access   to   an   expanding   knowledge   bank   and   the   way   the   PATREON   page develops   (if   used)   will   be   shaped   by   what   woodworkers   want   and   the   pledge   is   to   offer   rock   solid guidance   in   design   and   making.   Please   watch   this   space   for   further   developments   and      indicate your   interest   in   being   part   of   this   exciting   venture   by   emailing   me   and   telling   me   about   what aspects of woodworking interest you most. Check out some categories below.                                                                                               This page under construction  
£1     per     month     This     is     a support    donation    for    which    a monthly   shout   out   is   sent   with   a freebie (to be announced).
£3   per   month   To   be   decided but   probably   access   to   a   monthly video   and   lecture   on   a   popular topic by JB and  or AL.
£5   per   month   To   be   decided and   including   20%   discount   on courses   offered   by   JB   and   his Mediastore publications.
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