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‘The       Caterpillar       Rocking chair   is   visually   stunning,   a good   combination   of   colour, structure      and      practicality. The   frame   is   of   stained   birch plywood,    the    slats    are    red lacquered    ash.    It    has    the advantage    of    being    a    truly original   idea;   just   as   Saarinen and      his      pedestal      chairs converted four legs into one’. Simon Yates  -  An Encyclopedia of Chairs (Quintet).
‘The         Zigzag         table exploits   the   markings   of traditional     manufacture, as     seen     by     the     wood joints     where     the     top meets    the    legs    and    is innovative    in    its    centre joint in the table top’. Simon Yates  -  An Encyclopedia of Tables (Quintet).
What the critics say
‘Jeremy   Broun   delights   in   the   craft   of   design   and   making.   For   the   user   the relationship   with   his   furniture   is   of   sharing   this   focus   and   Jeremy’s   energetic drive to combine tradition with innovation’.   John Makepeace OBE 2002
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