Jeremy Broun Portfolio

Commissioning Commissioning something individual involves a special rapport between client and maker. Some items created by Jeremy Broun are varia- tions of standard designs (eg the Kangaroo rocker on page 8) whereby choice of material as well as size are individually tailored, or it is an entirely fresh piece. Commissioning can start with a phonecall or email enquiry - per- haps leading from something seen and can develop into a very special design incorporat- ing ideas from both the client and Jeremy Broun. A budget is agreed, initial design sketches prepared for a nominal fee and then a more formal agreement drawn up, tailored to the scale, complexity and price of the work. A completion date is agreed and normally a third or half deposit is requested with the balance paid on the completion and de- livery of the work. Whether it is a public or private commission, Jeremy Broun gives great attention to the needs of the client. The five oak benches for the Roman Baths in Bath were designed to blend in visu- ally with this ancient site, cope with the elements and nearly three million visitors a year.