‘Furniture, like architecture serves as a barometer to social, economic and spiritual change and tells much of the story of civilization’. A uniquely historical and inspirational presentation on DVD about the British Designer Maker revolution by award winning furniture designer maker Jeremy Broun FSD-C, FRSA. Of interest to cultural societies, students, furniture designer makers, interior designers, architects, colleges, libraries, galleries and any individual who is interested in our rich and diverse furniture culture.
Furniture Today Part One & Two Two DVDs 106 mins long over 800 topic references 400 images & 14 videos. Featuring the Seventies British Craft Furniture Craft Revival to the mid Noughties against the historical backcloth of furniture dating back to the Magna Carta. This includes milestones of World design in the 21st Century and the recent emergence of Irish designer makers.
Furniture Today 3 ‘An astoundingly good film’ It took over 1,000 hours to produce this fascinating update completed in 2012. more info 
What they said about the lectures Inspirational’, ‘Extremely interesting’ ’Very comprehensive and informative’,   
70 minute standard film or 93 minute Extended Edition NEW! EDITION
A unique first hand documentation of the British designer maker movement set against a historical backcloth by Jeremy Broun who was amongst the pioneers of the 1970’s Craft Furniture Revival
What they said about  the DVDs FT1 & 2 ‘Not a boring moment’, ‘Superb’ ‘Would make a good TV series’ FT3 ‘This film is an absolute must for anyone interested in modern furniture..’  
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Furniture Today