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Jeremy Broun creates furniture and other items of woodwork in his own unique style, striving to say something new about form, function, material, technique. His clients share his passion for innovation 
Jeremy Broun is a self-taught designer who originally trained as a handicrafts teacher at Shoreditch College where he gained a distinction in 1966. He established his own workshop in Bath in 1973 creating innovative furniture in his own style both speculatively and to commission. He has exhibited extensively in the UK and also in Finland and the USA. He has lectured at major colleges such as Rycotewood and The Furniture College in Ireland, in Finland and Australia, at the London Design Museum and he now runs intensive creative woodworking courses in his Bath studio three times a year. His numerous awards range from a Churchill Travel Scholarship to Scandinavia and Italy in 1979, The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers Ambrose Heal Award 1988, to the Professional Woodworker of the Year Award 2005. He is a Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and in 2009 was invited to become an inspector for the British Accreditation Council and elected a Fellow of The Royal Sociey of Arts. Jeremy Broun is a seasoned author and produces films under the label Thinking Hand Video.  In 2012 he produced the ‘Furniture Today 3’ DVDs.  He is currently a judge for the Alan Peters Award For Excellence. He also performs latin jazz music with guitars that he builds.
Made for an MP from an old church pew made from the historic stage floor timbers in 1985 Digital Touchscreen Jukebox - Professional Woodworker of the Year Award 2005
Corner Drinks  made from a single board of ash which Jeremy cut into hand made veneers. The first cabinet sold at the Sotheby’s First Sale of British Contempoirary Crafts in 1980 and in 2015 a third variation of the design was requested for The Four Rooms TV programme.
The Pimlico Diner Corner table and seating unit, made from re- claimed pitch pine church pews and commissioned by a a prominent Independ MP.  the challenge was to create a maximum breakfast dining area in a nminimum space. Five people could sit on the bench with extra space for stools. Commissioning bespoke furniture solves exacting design and functionality problems and Jeremy has half a century’s experience.
Plant Pot container based on a wine cooler design for an Inglenook fireplace in one of England’s oldest Great Halls. This piece piece made of brown oak (coopered) with an epoxy coated steel drip tray was designed to sit alongside pieces of furniture dating back to the 12th Century. It was commissioned by a member of Royalty.
Theatre Desk made from the old stage floor timbers of the Theatre Royal bath. The stage blood and heavily nailed pinewood boards were re-cut into miniature “planks” and nailed and glued onto a particleboard base structure. The nail heads were sanded and the piece laquered. It was made in 1985.
Digital Touchscreen Jukebox made of mini “planks” from a single board of maple is just three clicks away from accessing any song in the Universe. Its video kiosk functionality put it five years ahead of the iPad and won Jeremy Broun the Professional Woodworker of the Year Award 2005.
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