With thanks to promoters, prize sponsors and judges for helping make this important legacy continue.  Jeremy Broun organizer Jeremy Broun is an award-winning author, film and furniture maker who was part of the 1970s British Craft Revival of which Alan Peters was a prominent figure. His documentary series Furniture Today plots the history of British Furniture from The Magna Carta to the Noughties, putting in historical context the designer maker movement over four Golden Age decades. Furniture Today 3  (80 mins) can be seen on his YouTube channel. 
The Alan Peters Online Furniture Award 2021 Showcasing the best of British design and making  
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The Alan Peters Online Furniture Award 2021
Judges exhibits
A selection of other award entries
Judges exhibits Examples  of work by the judges  Jeremy Broun, Hattie Speed, David Barron, Andrew Lawton